In the design of this building, we tried to take into account the problems of the current residents, to make a suitable design with the maximum use of space to provide a cozy, calm, and intimate atmosphere for the residents. On the ground floor, by moving the stairs to the corner of the building, it has been tried to minimize the noise pollution from the street and the club to the upper floors. Also, one of the other benefits of moving the stairs to the corner of the building is that it creates a unified space on the floors and the spaces are not separated from each other due to the staircase in the middle of the building. Next to the staircase, a small elevator is designed to facilitate access to the upper floors. The store and the warehouse create a connected space, which can be added to the other by moving the wall from one of these two environments. Also, according to the client's request, there is a space for a water tank, bicycle, and accessories for the beach next to the staircase.
It is recommended to use material with high strength and low thickness (for example, metal stairs) for the staircase. The design of the stairs has been done in such a way that it provides good performance while occupying the least space.
The rooms on the first floor are of a suitable size and have good amenities. Also, all the toilets on this floor have the possibility of natural ventilation through the window facing the street to maintain better hygiene. Due to the smallness of the interior spaces, in the design of the spaces, an attempt has been made to use bright colors and avoid additional decorations to make the space look bigger. The terraces of the upper floors give freshness and vitality to the interior spaces. The dimensions of these terraces are designed according to the client's request. On the second floor, the spaces are designed according to the employer's opinion to provide comfort for the residents. The elevator continues to the last floor and on the last floor, it is connected to both the terrace and the staircase with two doors at the same time.
On the last floor, an L-shaped kitchen has been designed to create an open atmosphere while maximizing the use of space. On this floor, a small fireplace and a small laundry are installed according to the client's opinion.
Other facilities of this building on the top floor include a pleasant terrace with a dining area, a sink, a small shower cabin, and areas for planting and cultivating flowers and plants. The facilities of this floor are moved to the south of the building and reach the elevator with a corridor so that the elevator does not interfere with these facilities. Next to the elevator on the last floor, the heating/refrigeration systems space desired by the client is embedded.

"reconstruction House Near The Sea"


89011 Bagnara Calabra, Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, Italy