Dear customer: The following project was carried out in order to fulfill as much as possible with your requirements, as well as respecting local regulations and requirements.

Our main designing goal was to separate the ground floor from the other floors. Firstly we did that by separating the entrances. The upper floors are going inside from the aquare facade and the ground floor entrance is from the main street. By separating the entrances we divided the ground floor.
Our secondary goal was to provide sound reflection. We achieved it with metal rods that absorb and reflect sound.
Since the sound comes from everywhere, the angles of the bars are different everywhere. In this way, we made a functional and aesthetic design.

Upper floor staircase design.
Stairs and elevator go up to the last 2 floors of the building as follows,
1- The staircase cuts its connection with the upper floors on the 1st floor with the door.
2- The elevator can reach the 2nd and 3rd floors with a key/card. In this way, you can directly enter the apartment with the elevator.

Hoping that the project will be to your liking. I greet you cordially.

"reconstruction House Near The Sea"


89011 Bagnara Calabra, Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, Italy