Dear Client,
Thank you for your fun project. There’s a link below that you can have a virtual reality tour around the open space and your master bedroom.
I created a partition like entry closet to separate the living room and hide the column in it. And also I created a diagonal wood partition in front of bathroom door to hide it from the view.
The interior design is a great combination of natural wood and modern and retro style.
In the master bedroom, the closet is in 3 parts. Two of them are his and hers closet and in the center there is a Tv just right in front of the bed.
The sottotetto created a great opportunity to be used as a lying down cinema room. In the lower part of the ceiling you can have a storage area with long drawers. There’s also enough space to have laundry in the corner. It is even better if you add sky light windows there since the sleeping under the stars and watching movie at the same time is a precious experience.
Hope you enjoy

First Home


11010 Sarre AO, Italy