Dear Client,

The idea behind the design is to accentuate as much as possible the calm life of living in a village on a mountain hill by using a combination of stone and wood as you requested and grey color. The grey color will make the space appear larger because it contrast and balance the dark tone of wood and stone. It also balance the rough texture and color of the stones and wood.

The backsplash for the bar sink is a frosted glass, creating a window for the laundry to let natural lights into the laundry, so working in the laundry room will not feel claustrophobic. Using a front load washer & dryer, the machine is placed under the stair landing utilizing every possible space available.

The shelves in the wine cellar could hold up to 216 bottles of wine. The appliances in the bar including an electric undercounter wine cabinet that could hold up to 40 bottles in temperature 7-21°C and a 4-bottles wine dispenser. A sink and glass shelves is placed directly after the entry to the bar.

The pellet stove is from MCZ fireplace, it is shaped in a sleek and modern form that will give not only warmth, but also a contemporary look to your living room.

Wood oven and hearth are located in the alcove to separate clean and dirty area of the kitchen.

The tub on the second floor is using a whirlpool tub with spa function, while the shower on the first floor (master bathroom) is using shower with massage function.

Please check this video to see a complete walk-through inside your future home.