Just as business, sports are increasingly dynamic and games are always epic.
So nothing is more proper than a stadium for the Unilever Rome Team!

The main room holds the larger games, with sectors for the coaches, crowd and locker room for the team members, where the tactics are developed and the strategies outlined.
For this, white boards on most walls with nearby storage endowed with wireless chargers for anyone running out of power.

In the palette of colors, Brazil and Italy, united by passion for football and great soccer players.

On the wall, images of great idols of the two selections inspire claw.

Those who stay longer in the room have the possibility to observe the work on the wall with a natural theme, favoring tranquility and freedom of thought.

To contrast with the larger room and follow the sports theme, the smaller room followed the basketball, very symbolic by the accurate aim.

The floor lines are released to the walls and furnishings support comfort.

Just as in the larger room, the neutral wall was crafted to bring life to the
environment and inspire those who occupy that smaller room, especially with the Unilever theme and past advertisements so they can reflect on their roots and hence the future.

I hope you LOVE the project.