This design offers a simple approach to renovate the interior. The current walls now tend to be complicated with the extruded columns, and small different fragments of walls. This design introduce vertical bamboo natural element (with coatings in gradation colors), to create a new vertical feelings, while maintaining a unified surface character, despite the fragmented shape of the walls and columns.
The ceiling is using cork tiles materials, while the door is using wave-style textured frameless glass doors. Now the large meeting room only has one entry, to accommodate small 2/4 person meeting pod/booth. In each room, on one of the walls (wide-span shape without any window, we create a writeable wall, right in front of the rooms. So all people can see it. In large meeting room, there is also a retractable flat LED panel that can be moved up side down, or if preferable, can be substituted with a projector screen.

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