The intention of this design concept is to create bigger space for living, kitchen & dining area that has bigger exposure to the full-height glass doors at the balconies. Therefore, master bedroom and kids' bedroom are swapped (since master bedroom takes bigger space footprint and must accommodate double queen/king size bed, while kids' bedroom shape is thinner, accomodating bigger space for kitchen in the middle of the apartment). The master bedroom now is located at the back, facing the quite inner garden behind the building, while the kids' bedroom is now located at the front / road side of the building. At the rear balcony (the one that faces garden), laundry / utility room is placed. New plumbing / mechanical shaft location is indicated in the HD plan (Master bath & laundry area have a joined shaft in the utility room; kitchen plumbing is near the column in the middle of apartment; common bath shaft is in the bathroom itself). Plumbing shafts are mostly shifted from the original location but wet areas are still in the same spot, so the cost of moving the pipes can be compromised).