I've done so many small things on my own, without asking too much, assuming that architect is paid to give his own opinion and advices, not just to follow clients wishes, as ordinary client usually does not see what will occur in the future, due to lack of expirience.
1. MARBLE, I would strongly suggest you to NOT use white-black marble. I like it, I use it in my own projects several times, but NOT for homes. White-black marbles, are eye-catchy and they look really fancy and exclusive, but when you are at home, you should feel like you are at home, not like you are in the bank or city hall. Their purpose is too look cold, so you feel scary when you enter the bank or city hall, not to give you the warm and gently look of beige-earth colors marbles.
Therefore I strongly advice you to use BEIGE-EARTH COLORs marbles. You will enough time to make the decision you think is right, but for me it is no doubt, home should look like home, not like office, although I deeply understand you, at the first glance white-black marbles look so superior over beige, but only in the shops, surrounded by lights, etc...when you apply it on your own home floor, after 2 months you will get headache from that violent combination of colors, white and black.

As I said above, warm and earth like colors are the key to feel warm and safe at your home, not to feel like you are at car shop. Someone may find that beige colors are boring, but for me, they are RELAXING, and that is big difference. With a touch of deep marine blue, you will get elegant look.

Although you think you do NOT need it, I think you NEED it.
A. Working in family atmosphere, in the living room is great, and I personally like it, but there are jobs which deserve much more focus, or just simple you want to work on your own alone, without to be disturbed.
B. You have 2 sons, in the age 19-24? So you could become granny very very soon, and observing Italian and Europe economic overall, I am not sure they will leave you ever!
In that case office room will become baby room!
C. Office room could also be guest room, as it has enough space for simple plain bed.
D. It could also be a room for your parents, if they decide to live with you. In South Italy it is very common as in my country, too (south of Europe, too)
E. Or, simple escape room for everyone, randomly used...
F. You name it, but that small space will give you a lot of pleasure and useful moments, my thoughts....and I will be very sad if you decide to remove it.

Basically they all have walk-in closets, baths, queen sized beds (160x200), working desk, and not so much space to walk around.

Same as above. I also added some shelves, which you can use without opening wardrobes. Toilet desk is replaced to the window.

When you enter the living space, you have to pass through open office room (yes, I added one office space more, which you use more, I guess), which gives you the feel and look of separate room, but also you are connected with the rest of family, if you want.
Living area, TV wall, shelves, dinning...common as everywhere....Kitchen, you have pantry room, as I think it useful to have it, and ability to move doors and to separate the kitchen from dinning.

I added some family wardrobes in hallway, due to resizing the laundry and living office space. You will never have enough wardrobes and storage space.

Basically, I am very happy and satisfied how your flat look now and how it is organized. When it comes to color scheme, it is the personal matter the most, but I still think that beige colors can offer you warm and gentile look to provide feeling of home and safeness.

9. Good luck!

Best Regards

Your Designer

Orazio Disse: "carpe Diem"


Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy