Dear client,
In order to make the understanding of the space better, I created panoramic view of the open space. Here’s a virtual reality tour around the open space living room kitchen and master bedroom.
all the places are located based on your desired plan. However I did my best not to waste not even an inch of space and make it functional for your use.
When you enter the house, there’s an entry closet in front of you and a mirror in the entrance.
On the right, you can go toward the home office and lounge area. This place is ideal for working and being with the family at the same time(as you requested no privacy.
There’s a corridor that leads you to the sleeping area. But first there is a guest bathroom in the entry to keep guests away from the private area. The laundry is right in front of it and it is close to both kitchen and sleeping areas. All rooms have a walk in closet and a bathroom and Tv in front of bed.
In master room you have a massive his and hers walk in closet and separate shoe area for more organization of your stuff. And the bathroom is also huge with a separate area for double shower that can be used as a sauna too.
The kitchen is spacious enough for all facilities you need such as integrated fridge-freezer, oven, microwave, stove and built in dishwasher and even built in coffee maker. The kitchen is divided with a sliding door from the dining area and it also has direct access to the balcony where outdoor dining and barbecue is. So it is an ideal location with a great view.
Then the dining area is located to the close proximity of the kitchen and the living room. The Tv wall is a decorative element that divide these too almost by half. The living room is located in the corner and also with great view and direct access to outdoor seating.
Hope you enjoy.

Orazio Disse: "carpe Diem"


Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy