To understand what I really want whit this kind of "roman garden" you should "walk a mille in my shoes!".
Well, I spent, a lot of time in hospitals, like a patient...not very well expirience....indeed, BUT it helps to understand what really patients need.
And that is NOT medical devices, helpers, etc....what is supposed to expect in hospital garden, logical? No, it is not.....believe me...
It is family and friendly mood, which helps to forget that we are sick and ill, that we are "normal" people, too....which have a right on having fun, partying the birthdays, walk along the small lakes, listen to the open-stage music, etc....If we, while we are in the house, always listen to massage "you are here as you are ill", please, let us forget on that for a while, while we are in the garden? Could we just relax for sometime?
Or, we should, a.g.a.i.n, fight with all those helpers, devices, thats just not work like that. Patients need a break, so give them a break, please! With roman-fairy tail garden, like this one is. You will not regret...oh, yeah, you probably noticed ,there is almost no paving?
That is the part of story above, if you are telling to disabled main in wheel chair, "you should walk here or here" you are discriminated them. Please, let they walk where they want, and if you have golf terrain-like grass, that would not be an issue.
Thanks for watching!