Dear customer. We thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest in such a privileged area, facing the incredible views of Lake Maggiore. We set out to redesign the project that you have shared with us, recognizing and trying to improve each of its qualities
in accordance with local regulations.

In the original proposal, the buildings are arranged around a central patio, but it is mostly composed of private patios, walls and access paths enclosed between two walls. We seek to organize these circulations around a common green space that connects all the apartments and the swimming pool and amenities (gym, multipurpose area). This courtyard opens the views towards the lake while bringing nature inside the complex. We believe that it also generates added value to the complex.

We seek to maintain existing vehicular and pedestrian access, making them part of a circuit that efficiently and orderly integrates the underground parking area with the central courtyard.

Views of the lake.
We value your idea that all units have a terrace with a view of the lake from the top level. However, we noticed that two of the one-bedroom apartments did not have access to the terrace, to which we propose a solution by generating a shared terrace between two apartments accessible from a common staircase.
We incorporated pergolas with a treilage and vegetation, which allows to stop the wind and, also generate greater privacy.

Comfortable apartments with lots of park and terraces.
We seek to optimize the use of space. In the spirit of making better use of space and, on the other hand, achieving a more comfortable staircase, we incorporated a single-section staircase whose roof works as an external staircase. This way, with the same reduced area, it is possible to connect both the interiors of the ground floor (bedrooms) with the upper floor (living room), as well as the exteriors, that is, the expansion terrace of the living room with the roof terrace.
We seek to achieve greater integration and fluidity, by incorporating a kitchen that can be closed to maintain privacy (via sliding panels), or open and integrated with the dining room, thus allowing the whole family, hosts and guests to participate in the culinary activity.
Also, the glass partition that divides the living room from the outdoor terrace, can be opened entirely, so that the boundary between interior and exterior space can be eliminated, thus generating wider social spaces in the summer.

We propose to amplify common use areas, not only by incorporating the central courtyard, but also with a multipurpose room that can be used as an area for consortium meetings, and a club house for community events.

Covered garage.
We designed the buildings´ structure to better accommodate the layout of the underground garage, resulting in a lower cost, and higher functionality. We improved connectivity by generating a covered staircase to access the common courtyard that distributes to all the housing units. We also added an external staircase near the complex´s main entrance that allows you to exit the complex more efficiently in case of evacuation.

New Residence


28041 Arona, Province of Novara, Italy

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