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We have made a proposal based on your requirements, and in compliance with the regulations specified in the briefing.
Given the distribution of percentages among the owners, it seemed to us that dividing the proposal into 10 homes would be the simplest when it came to awarding each owner the number of units corresponding to their percentage. That is, the owner with 48% would own 5 units, the owner with 42%, 4 units, and the owner with 10%, one unit.
The houses are 80 square meters and have two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living, dining room kitchen.
The complex takes advantage of the shape of the land for the distribution of the units, structuring itself around a central street. It seemed more practical for us to enter and exit at the same point, for privacy and security reasons. The possibility of building an access portal with a security cabin for access control, and / or an area for the general maintenance of the property is proposed.
The main street forks, allowing the location of a central plaza with a water feature, and equipment for shared use among neighbors, and ending in two cul de sac that allow vehicles to turn to exit.
Each house has a covered porch at the entrance, which can also function as private parking. An area for general parking was also allocated with 10 additional spaces. Which means two garages per unit, or a garage and porch.
The units are arranged continuously, to make the most of the surface available for construction, and avoiding the existence of empty spaces between houses, which generally do not have a defined use. On the other hand, the houses share a dividing wall, saving construction costs. In turn, they are arranged in a displaced way, which generates greater privacy between the units, avoiding direct views between neighbors.
Each house has its own private garden, and two terraces on the upper floor, allowing you to take advantage of the sun at all times throughout the day.

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