The idea is that the apartment is not only emulates the image of a loft, as a showroom, but replicate. Experience of living in a loft, as if Warhol factory itself will be discussed. This requires transgress conventional boundaries between the intimate and the social imposed a conventional home. Here the intention is that leisure, work, rest, study, sharing, cooking and other domestic activities to get their place in the interconnected space system that the loft means, without losing so cherished moments of intimacy that the loft suppressed their unitary nature.

All instances of the house here understood in its dual nature, on the one hand its potential for social experience and on the other the possibility for intimacy. For example, the parents' bedroom is able to join the social area if they wish when meeting with friends, but equally can dissociate itself from the rest of the apartment and be just next to the terrace for a romantic breakfast. Here anything goes, here everything is possible.

How expected in a loft the child's bedroom is the most intimate of housing, it functions as a capsule of

isolation where children can play and study like all children they want, with their own rules, create your own reality, without this affects the everyday life of the unit loft. More than a bedroom is a playroom where to sleep is part of the game of life, the whole experience is fun here, to do homework.