Design Proposal:

To create open feeling, transparency between floors and across departments, as well as creating a small sanctuary that can be the wow factor and the heart of the office, we propose to have a void/floor opening next to the existing staircase - visually connecting break area, open collab/meeting/conference rooms, workspaces of all departments, as well as the entry/reception area. We also propose to open the roof above this double height space and install a skylight there.

The CEO room is closely located to that double-height staircase/breakroom area, in addition to new observation window to the indoor production house, although room is still visually private. It is located on the 2nd floor but very accessible from the reception.

From the staff entry, people can directly access break room on ground floor, going up to the 2nd floor, or go to the large conference room. The double height break room is like the heart of the office, where people will reach first when they come into office and the last room they pass when leaving. People can have breakfast, lunch, coffee, but also can have casual meeting/discussions there. This break room is also next to the conference room, so it can serve as a prefunction/snack room for certain occasions.

If the budget permits, we would like to change the staircase into a lighter and modern minimalist style: using corteen steel structure. But we can use the original structure and add corteen steel railings (please see 3d renderings for better vizualisation)

Each department has open desk system for staff workspace and private office set up for the managers, as well as a nearby / dedicated small meeting & collaboration rooms. But to increase space utilization, all enclosed collaboration rooms can be used by all staff from all departments (can be arranged by online scheduling system - for example). There is invisible division between departments, but since there are ample of collaboration space in between, they however have no physical boundaries (except for the manager offices and enclosed meeting rooms that have glass partitions). Staff desk/station can also be rotated - if preferred - or mixed depends on the projects they are working on. Engineering team is a bit special since the desk set up is having larger space.

There are some 3D renderings to illustrate our design proposal in details. We hope that our design can provide you with many fresh ideas. We would be more than happy if we could get feedback from you. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, thank you and all the best with your project. Thanks!

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