The briefing was pretty was clear so the space distribution was quite obvious, a living, dining and kitchen area facing the garden, and bedroom + bathroom in the north area of the apartment.

Most of the wall is finished with plaster with polished bare concrete look to give a solid and warm ambiance in the space and variants of blue for the furniture to balance it. Some area that needs to be highlighted was covered in different material. The material in the 3d render was white washed brick int he bedroom and grey textured tiles for the bathroom , but since Matera has abundant of natural stone it will also good for that areas to be covered with stone slab.

Since the north area seems to be public space, there is a small garden in the bathroom, visible from the bedroom to bring the nature inside but still keeping the privacy, the window that connects the bathroom and the bedroom was at eye level when you are soaking in the tub, to give an expansive view instead of wall.