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we started out work with building a full structure model 3d to not be any conflict with it and we combined the ideas of the relation of mass of the villa and the landscape with surround the villa with water feature, which you can see the water in the entertainment with landscape and above u skylight to see the sky, same the living and the dining, we made a backyard for the dry kitchen beside the baking area to make your wife relax, we made a green area under the stairs with stone cladding and uplights it be the view of the entrance plus a closet beside the bathroom, in the bathroom we made its view to the backyard with wooden striped and plants and put the toilet in a closed area with door, we put the storge outside but with outside access to the kitchen and have a small ramp for the bikes, for the wet and dry kitchen have a good view for the landscape and outside access next to the maid bedroom
for the second floor, we made glass windows fixed from the bottom +80cm from the finish around the villa, adding to it wooden strips can be open (folding) and bamboo plus plants and inside curtains so you can have full privacy when you need, we add a shell cladding with (Dekton material/ Kreta | Lunar color) material there is a supplier for it in Singapore we contact them and it can be easily done and we left a gap between the shell and the villa so you can put the plants

*((we put renders for bedroom-01 dressing in light plan because we didn't have space in render view))
*((we put render in Finishes list we didn't have space in render view))
*((we put the steps of design in External perspective from 4 sides with dimensions 1-structure 2-wall 3-shell cladding 5-windows 6-wooden strips and bamboo))

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