Dear Client,

I offer you a proposal for the design of Part Of your apartment (Luxury loft near Sorrento) .

- Since the intention of the project is to create a loft that functions as a large luxury suite for two people with a small pool, Interior, living area, kitchen, and a large bathroom area, so the design was limited to the upper floor only, as shown in the attached drawings
- The living room is designed to accommodate all possible daily activities such as watching TV, eating, Working From Home, reading and drinking tea by dividing it into several zones, each of which accommodates a specific activity.
- The apartment contains master bedroom, which accommodates many activities such as sleeping. A work space was provided as required, a television was provided, as well as a special space for tea and reading in front of the window.

The floor plan of the Living Room is divided into 4 parts (the entrance, living room, Dinning and kitchen),

- The lighting designed for the home is characterized by simplicity and sophistication. The living room contains Spots and Round Middle Lamp characterized by a modern style, with another source of lighting coming the chandelier in the middle of the room with some circular lamp located Above the Dinning table, As well as the lighting in the kitchen is quiet and simple, and does not have a lot of cost, as shown in the 3D Shots
- The lighting of the rooms also depends on the chandeliers in the Bohemian style, around which there are many spots
We must mention the hidden lighting in the gypsum board, In addition, we have natural lighting Coming from the wide balcony and Windows .

- As for the bathrooms which Designed on modern Style To meet the needs .
- As for the washing area, it was designed In order to fit the space allocated to it in the laundry room next to the bathroom

I did not see that the apartment needs many modifications in its plan, so I kept it with the modification of the furniture and interior decoration As Shown

Furniture used in the design :
It is designed in a modern style, characterized by simplicity, to suit the surrounding environment, inexpensively, it can be made easily, and it is preferable to make and not buy it to get the required specifications as they are .
The places to purchase some of the used brushes will be shown in the illustrations at reasonable prices according to the required specifications
The lighting elements used and where to buy them will also be clarified

Links To Buy Other Furniture :
Corner Sofa :
Dinning Table :
Dinning Chairs :
Bed :
Masrter Bedroom Chair
Comod :
Side Chair :
Side Tables :

Lighting in order of picture :


Luxury Loft Near Sorrento


80061 Massa Lubrense, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy