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We propose to expand the house to create additional square footage for the rooms, by maximizing the existing building footage:
1. expanding the ground floor to the rear / street side (i.e. existing entrance area)
2. converting the existing patio into indoor space (both at the front and rear sides of the house).
3. expanding upper floor to the rear / street side
4. converting some part of balcony into indoor space

The concept is pretty simple. In total there are 7 private king bedrooms with ensuite bath on the ground floor that are arranged at the perimeter of the building - each unit has big windows or bi-fold sliding doors to terrace outside. And there are 2 big master suite upstairs, each with walk-in closet and large bathroom (with a tub).

We keep the existing staircase for this design scheme and majority of facade, roof and house shape.

The swimming pool has a quite curvy shape, equipped with hot tub, outdoor lounge, outdoor dining, firepit, and outdoor shower. All stays within the 10 m distance from existing structure.

We also modify the entrance from parking / street side to create curb appeal with modern, contemporary, and luxurious ambiance.

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