The proposal that I have designed for the Love's Suites hotel is an artistic expression of what love means. Passion, eroticism, sensuality, desire and forbidden dreams are breathed through its interior spaces. The building is a sensory experience that stimulates the senses. The Voyeur suite is inspired by the action of seeing, that is why there are many mirrors with different shades of red that are like eyes that observe you. The Dungeon suite is inspired by a cell and at the same time a crypt, when the person enters they find many candles located on the floor and walls painted red and black. A red resin floor. The Burlesque suite is inspired by a stage and the costumes used by dancers, that's why we put a grate that is inspired by the lace of these women. In the Kamasutra suite there is a large sofa that awakens people's imagination, gives them total freedom. In the Role Suite there is a piece of furniture and on top of it many changing rooms, this room is inspired by a clothing store.
The most important room, the love room, is on the top floor. The entrance is romantic and passionate, in this room you will find almost all the elements that are in the others.

Love's Suites


81025 Marcianise, Province of Caserta, Italy

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