Dear client

The first room we positioned was the bathroom, situated above the existing bathroom, in the upper left corner. After placing all the needed utilities for it to be a bathroom and laundry in one room, we saw the remaining space disposition had a large space right below the bathroom which couldnt be used for any purpose, except for being a hallway to the lower part of the attic. This is why we placed the stairs here and afterwards separated the space in two parts, the extension was made into a kids room with two beds and workdesks with shelving, and the main part of the attic was made into the large master bedroom. The kids room has two beds with storage space below them and two workdesks, its potential is used to the max. In all the rooms we used sliding doors as the wall lenght allows it and they save lots of space. The remaining empty space was dedicated to storage closets and decor as plants along the hallway. Since the attic is a space of secondary importance it can be reachable via spiral stairs which are better for space use, they use up half the space of classic stairs.

We hope you like our project

Livable Attic


Salt Lake City, UT, USA