This is a floor plan of the attic, which maximizes available space for using and living. The spot for the future staircase is located between dining and living room. Such a proposal divides visually these two rooms without the wall. In addition, the ground floor gets open space: kitchen-dining-living room.
The attic includes such rooms:
- bathroom (which is not far from the pipes of the main bathroom downstairs)
- walk-in-closet,
- master bedroom,
- kid’s room,
- laundry room near staircase.
Washing and drying machine are located in the closet near the staircase, so they can be easily used without going through the master bedroom.
There are big skylights in the walk-in-closet and bathroom. The master bedroom has vertical dormers on both sides of the roof, so the room gets a lot of light during the day. All these additional windows are not located on the main facade.

Hope you like the proposed architectural re-planning of your attic.

Livable Attic


Salt Lake City, UT, USA