The project distributes the bedrooms in order to make the most of the heights at the ridge of the sloped roof. In addition, access routes enhance the corresponding high longitudinal axes with the roof ridges. In this way the passage areas have convenient heights to be traveled. The bathroom is located in line with the ground floor bathroom facilities in order to facilitate connections with existing systems. On the ground floor there are easy changes that allow you to enter the staircase that reaches the attic floor. It is expected a comfortable staircase with three flights of 39.4 '' width. Three dormers are proposed. A large one for the main room and two symmetrical for the children's room / games room that allow to increase the heights also in the transversal axis of the room. Four skylights are also provided. The laundry is delocalized away from the rooms to avoid creating noise problems.

Livable Attic


Salt Lake City, UT, USA