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The proposal conforms to the following guidelines:
-Value the incredible visuals of the apartment by locating the social area towards the castle.
-Generate greater spatial amplitude by linking existing spaces that are small, combining them in a single, larger and open space. (kitchen, dining room and living room)
-Order the bedrooms so that they are closer to the bathroom units.
-Enhancement of the corridor that connects all areas, with a ceiling groove with a led strip. A glass door that reveals the social area while protecting the bedrooms from the sound and smells of cooking.
-Style according to the request, seeking to maximize the luminosity of the apartment.
-Small laundry / closet towards the living area as requested. (The wall can also be inverted and located towards the bathrooms and bedrooms.)
-Two plant assembly options at the customer's choice. One with two bathrooms, and another with a dressing room for the master bedroom and a single bathroom.

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01014 Montalto di Castro, VT, Italy

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