Dear Client,

Thank you for the opportunity and the beautiful site to work with.

The layout was arranged so that it could capture all 360 degree view of the surrounding. It was arranged around a courtyard that contain terraced vegetable garden with sitting area facing the garden. The corridor to the bedroom is left partly open to the elements so that you could enjoy being in the nature while still being properly sheltered.

The living space is carefully positioned so that it sits between the garden and the view to the north, creating a very enjoyable living area. And when the door on both sides are open, the living space would extend outward and the boundary between interior and exterior will no longer exist. The bedrooms are placed on the east side of the building, facing the sunrise so that the sun would wake you up every morning.

From the terraced garden you can access the roof, because the level of the house is placed so that the high slope in the southwest area of the site would align with the roof level. Therefore, the house would feel like one continuous plane, seamlessly attached to the site. The sitting area on the rooftop is oriented towards south and west so that it will capture the view that the lower level couldn't.

The car park is located in the corner of the house so it is out of the line of sight from the house. The location also allow for a gentle approach from the existing road.

I hope the design meets your expectations and that it would be the perfect summer house.


La Carbona


96017 Noto, Province of Syracuse, Italy