Dear client,
Thank you for the amazing opportunity. I created a short animation of your house to feel the space better.
The very first idea for this project is to be transparent toward the sea to give you maximum pleasure for your stay. Therefore, there’s a glass facade in this side of the volume. In order to have the best connection and access to the nature and pool there are huge glass sliding doors that can be pushed and eliminate the boundary between inside and outside.
Exactly on the other side of the building (for sleeping area) the facade is flexible and the light and the visibility can be controlled by the wooden shutters in front of the windows.
The layout of the house is settled in a very precise way to separate the private sleeping area and the living area. This accuracy continues in settlement of the outdoor areas.
Parking: after the entrance there’s a parking with capacity for 4 cars. This parking is also covered without a roof to protect cars from the sun. It also has an easy access to the entrance to guide guests to the house.
Entrance gate: it is located as you desired there should be a mild slope and then you can enter the property.
Outdoor kitchen: this place is equipped with a barbecue and a sink and a concrete shelf for wood logs. This kitchen is open to the nature but you can put a sliding door right in front of it to close it when you wish to keep it tidy and clean. It also has a close access to the kitchen and the vegetable garden for preparing food.
Outdoor dining: it is situated right next to the barbecue and the interior kitchen to bring the food as soon as possible on the table.
Outdoor seating: there’s an outdoor seating to let you relax and to gaze to the view.
In ground seating: this place is designed to be used at nights by a fireplace in the center. It’s cozy and warm and as it is near the pool you can enjoy the water and the fire at the same time.
Vegetable garden: in the slope some stair like cubes are designed to plant your desired vegetables. There’s also stairs next to it to make it easier to reach them. Rather than that this area is close to kitchen to make the process of taking and bringing them simpler.
Outdoor showers: this place is at the back of the outdoor kitchen to have a privacy from the deck area and the outdoor seating. A small consoled ceilings is to install rain showers to enjoy summer fully.
Pool: this pool is designed based on the shape of the land and settlement of the house. It consists of 3 main part. The deep pool, the stairs and the shallow pool to enjoying lying down or easily be used for foot pool.
Pool deck: this space is the most suitable place for sun bathing and enjoying the view at the same time Or even have summer parties.
Stairs: these outdoor stairs are exposed and are made to reach the roof top for better dominance around.
Outdoor roof top seating: this area is designed to be used for days and nights with built in seats that can be covered by pillows. And a fire place in center to make it a great experience.
On the roof there are low water consumed plants where there are no safety guard to work as a boundary not get close to the edge. On the other side, there are gravels on the insulated roof to decrease heat transfer from the house.
I’ll say no more and let the pictures speak for themselves.
Hope you enjoy.

La Carbona


96017 Noto, Province of Syracuse, Italy

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