A house located in this beautiful place must be one with the place.
The proposal adopts a simple solution that is closely related to the nature and phases of the day.
The sunrise and sunset go deep into the house, especially in the living and kitchen area as well as in the bedrooms.
The house also receives a zenithal light in the center of the space, bringing additional light. Basically the house is flooded with light.
The roar of the roof shades the façade on hot days.
The zenith window can be opened automatically or can be protected with a parasol.
The house is connected to the pool by a stone floor which indicates directions to the areas of interest.
The swimming pool receives the sun all day long and in the south there is a shade with a pergola and an outside shower.
The flooring around the pool is made of deck wood.
I also drew some directions of interior furniture.
The relationship with barbeque areas is closely related to the kitchen, being moved to the west where it receives the red and warm rays of the sunset.
Bedrooms 4 and 5 can have a small window to the east and west just like the other two bedrooms.
The house perfectly combines the taste of olives and olive oil with the surrounding area and the landscape.
There are no constraints and limits inside and outside the house.
Inside there can even be a fireplace in the kitchen area with the heating of the two bathrooms and the two bedrooms.
I wish very much that after the realization of the house we have a visit there :)
Nice stay there I wish you!

La Carbona


96017 Noto, Province of Syracuse, Italy