Dear Client,
Thank you for your fun project. There’s a link below that you can have a virtual reality tour around the open space on the ground floor.
In order to express my ideas of your ground floor ( the living part) better I created a 3d plan and renders.
On the ground floor, the entrance area has changed to create a filter. On the right side of the entrance, there’s the entry closet with hangers for coats and bags and shoe racks. There’s also a small toilet in this area to be urged by your guests.
As the stairs are attached to the load bearing wall, I didn’t reposition it.
When you enter the house, you reach the living room. A part of terrace is added to the living room as you requested. But I kept the other part of terrace which is closer to the kitchen for outdoor dining without adding it to the plan. This area is ideal for morning breakfast or barbecue as it is close to the kitchen and you also have direct access from living room too.
In the living room you have 3 side glass fireplace that this wall has tv on it. This corner is the spotlight of the design.
The dining area is located between the kitchen and the living area.
The kitchen has a moveable wall that can be both transparent and opaque. This wall can be closed or open to extend the space. The kitchen is facilitated with stove , professional microwave oven 90cm that can fit several dishes at the same time and other equipment that I referred in plan.
On the north part of the plan is the private part. There are 3 bedrooms in this area. One of them is a master bedroom with walk in closet. The other is a guest bedroom in case you have guests staying over. And the last one is a bedroom for one of the children.
In this area you also have a bathroom and laundry and storage too.
In the master bedroom you can also have an en-suite bathroom in place of the storage area to be more private.
For the first floor I worked on 2 alternative plans to let you choose wisely.
Alternative 1 is designed based on putting priority on not demolishing walls and using the current space as you requested. But the problem is the rooms will be too small for children.
Alternative 2 is designed based on putting priority on the convenient and decent size rooms with spaces for study and leisure activities.
Hope you enjoy.

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