The brief was to redesign this two bedroom apartment that has a large private garden around it with a covered walkway and terraces. The approach follows a clear distinction between the "Day Zone" and the "Night Zone" while ensuring the client's needs for optimum space in each room are met without compromising on circulation and function. Care has been taken to ensure minimum intervention on exterior structure retaining existing window and door openings.
While the Day Zone incorporates the entrance foyer, living room, dining room and kitchen that open into an outdoor dining/winter verandah, a powder room (small bathroom/laundry) and a guest room that could be used as a study, the Night Zone has the two bedrooms and a large bathroom fully equipped with shower, WC, bidet, washbasin and a bathtub and plenty of storage. The transitional L-shaped passage-way between the two zones has an additional wardrobe/storage.



20900 Monza, Province of Monza and Brianza, Italy

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