Total area of the house is about 100 sqm, it’s a bit small to layout all functions requirement by client. My suggestion is not to demolish outer wall to increase the house area, but relocation the function, keep living room, kids’ bedroom spacious and the rest in minimum area required.
1. The living room is joining with office area to bring a larger room feeling
2. A small toilet (toilet 1) located near between living room and kitchen, minimum function with a lavabo and toilet for more “public” use. small area in front of it is for laundry.
3. Kitchen is quite separately in the back and have back terrace for outdoor BBQ
4. Second toilet (toilet 2) for more private use, larger compared to toilet 1 with toilet, bidet, lavabo and shower, open to outside.
5. 2 bedrooms next to each other, open to side corridor



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