I would like to point you to some, even everything is clearly visible, on images.
My goal was to get vintage/ grunge tropical living room, and I hope I did it.

1. Doors, please take consider about painting the doors to blue, this may be strange to you, but in this way you'll got full tropical environment, and the cost of painting is not so much.

2. Walls, covering with wooden planks. Again, the cost is not huge, as you do have a lot of openings, so the surface for the planks is smaller than whole wall surface.

3.Furniture. Your room is king size, so I would strongly recommend to you fill with some small accessories.
All of the parts are custom/ generic, so it wont a problem for you to get in your area.

4. TV. Please, do hang the TV on the roof beams. In that way you could lift up/ down every time you want, and still have wonderful sight to your pull.

So, that's would be all....have a nice time in your living room!