The proposed project arises from the need of the client to combine in a single living area, room for dinner and living room.
First of all, i chose to avoid structural interventions, in masonry or wood, to guarantee the complete reversibility of the project, which therefore maintains flexibility in such a way as to be able to adapt according to family needs.
From the compositional point of view, it was necessary to exploit the spaces to the fullest without compromising their use by virtually dividing the area into 3 parts: the first, the one closest to the kitchen, is designed for quick meals such as breakfast or a quick snack , and is expressed in a solid wood counter illuminated by hanging lights. The second area is that of the dining room. The large table that occupies it is one of the so-called 'river tables' made of solid wood and epoxy / glass that guarantees a modern and comfortable style to the environment. The table proposed can accommodate up to 10 people, as well as the two sofas, which furnish the third area, that of the living room. They are in fact designed to be modular, and can become a bed by moving one of the modules that compose them to be able to relax watching the large TV that occupies the wall between the two windows. The bookcase was chosen specifically to act as a filter between the project area and the rest of the house, without hindering the passage of air and light from the large window that serves as a connection to the outside and the pool.
The curtains (naturally optional) placed on the ceiling, act as an expedient to recreate an outdoor setting like a tropical gazebo, and together with the vertical garden, they contribute greatly to create a natural and relaxing, but above all informal and functional habitat.