Dear Client,

First of all we hope you like your project we had made for you.

In this proposal we are making a very functional and very dynamic space, also with very good measures to work on it.

We have all along the back wall a built in office closets with sliding panels that have a whiteboard finish so you can make all your diagrams, lists and calculations in the white board, this will make a very good tool for working teams and also for reminding important things. Also it will provide the space with a wall that is constantly changing so the space will never get boring, on the other side it will be more and more dynamic.

In the interior of these closet will have many storage features and bookshelves so it has a double function as a whiteboard and a storage feature. Also it help us to maintain a very clean wall.

On the other hand we have the workbenches where we have a teclab model, this model gives us all the strange the dimensions and the look we need, combining these with the human scale chairs will give a white punch to all the interior. We choosed this chairs because of two things. One, they are very comfortable and for this type of working its ideal.
Other we like the white finish that goes with the workbenches and the whiteboard, so all the furniture gives an elegant touch combining with the industrial look we have in the office with many wood and many grey elements.

We are proposing more light inside this room because of the type of working, is very important to have individual light so the engineers can work without a shadow problem.

The look and feel of this proposal its still an industrial style with a contemporary touch, also we aimed for a very lineal concept with the ceiling so the space can look bigger than it is and have a very attractive perspective all along the room.

Te three pillars of our proposal where the functionality of the space.
Second, the dynamic input of all the furniture and livability
Third, maintaining the style of the office but improving it with a contemporary style.

We hope you enjoy this proposal we made for you.

Greetings and thanks for the opportunity of participating in this awesome project.