This design accommodate 9 workstations (30' x 60' workbenches with shelves and chairs), also a casual discussion / preparation area equipped with wall mounted whiteboard (or wall mounted monitor if needed for tele-conference meeting) which furniture is movable.

The space is enclosed with firehouse wall concept, with red brick finishes and black/dark grey steel frame french doors and windows. The windows are located right beside the workbenches to get shared air ventilation (when left open) and lights from the adjacent outside corridors; as well as giving visual connection to the outside activity ( The main idea is to create a bit of transparency where you don't feel like working in a walled box, but you can probably say hi to some passing-by colleagues instead). Next to entrance and discussion area, there is a bigger french windows (if desired, this industrial style window can be rotated).

In between the workbenches area, there are wooden partitions / walls that continue up to the ceiling (forming an L shape, please see 3D renderings for reference), on which electric sockets, plug-ins and flush mounted ceiling light fixtures can be installed neatly. There are also additional table lamp and pendant lamp to give extra focused light onto the workbench/ table.

The ceiling is exposed, only showing exposed grid ceiling system placed below standard mechanical and electrical fixtures of the building (e.g. ducting, plumbing, pendant lamp, fire safety/detector, sprinklers, etc)

Natural colors / materials are preferred, e.g. exposed red brick walls, wooden finishes, cement flooring with coating, black or dark grey steel finishes, white or grey color stucco walls.

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