Dear client, first of all we thank you for the opportunity to participate in the remodeling of your home. We mainly seek to meet the requested requirements by generating spacious, comfortable, bright and pleasant spaces to live in.
We worked on integrating the social areas. Towards the front the living room area and towards the back the kitchen-dining area with its respective living room. These two sectors are partially separated by the staircase and the central load-bearing wall. We focused on achieving a flexible distribution of the environments that can be divided if greater privacy is required.
Above the living room, a double height was placed that allows greater integration between the different levels of the house, accompanying the staircase and exposing it. This double height enhances the spatiality of the house and fills it with light.
The modifications made to the openings are mainly aimed to generating a greater relationship between the exterior and the interior, on reinforcing the link between the patio with the garden and swimming pool and the social area of ​​the house. Behind the kitchen is the service area of ​​the house, with a main bathroom, a secondary bathroom with access from the outside, a laundry room, a pantry and a storage room.
A new access to the house is generated, replacing one of the existing openings with a proper entrance door that leads to a lobbie next to the fireplace with a cabinet to store coats and shoes.
The main staircase, although it is located in the requested area, is not shaped like a stairwell, instead it becomes the element that links and invites you to walk through the house. The different spaces of the house are organized around the staircase. Starting from the cellar and culminating in the attic, at a point that has enough hight to stand comfortably. The staircase is covered with a wooden or metallic trilage, and can be opened to allow the integration of the different floors, or closed to generate privacy. It reaches the second floor directly in front of the access door to the office, which allows the visit of clients without entering the private areas of the house. In addition, the shape of the staircase accompanies the double height above the living room, which allows it to be viewed and turns it into an element that adds aesthetic value to the home.
We decided to replace the staircase that externally connects the first floor with the second floor with a smaller one, on the one hand so as not to block the relationship between the house and the new park, and on the other hand because we noticed that the existing staircase is structurally deteriorated.
On the second floor, the bedrooms are arranged in an “L” shape around the double height above the living room. The master bedroom has a large walk-in closet with a central island that leads to the en-suite bathroom, which is divided into two areas, a full bathroom on one side and a Jacuzzi or bathtub area and a preparation and makeup corner.
The living room on the second floor with kitchenette can be linked with the double height above the living room on the first floor, achieving greater spatiality, or it can be closed by means of a sliding gate.
Outside there is a garage for two cars with a garden terrace next to the pool. The ground floor patio is formed around a mirror of water similar to the existing one.
The plant species were selected taking into account the native flora that favors its maintenance and relationship with the local ecosystem.

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