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The house now consists of 5 individual apartment units, one of them is a duplex unit that has separable lower and upper units and located at the rear / street side. Each unit (including upper and lower units of the duplex apartment) has 1 master bedroom with ensuite bath and a convertible study room, a common bath, and open living room with kitchen and dining. Some of them has direct access to either a terrace or balcony. The upper units and duplex unit have direct access to private roof terrace.
There are small area for hallway for accessibility between units and common spaces.
There is an infinity swimming pool and hot tub located within 10 m from the existing structure, placed longitudinally / parallel to the house. When viewed from the inside of the house, the pool would be like a reflective pool that visually merge with the equator line, forming an infinity water view.
The style is modern contemporary with white stucco, cement, and natural stone finishes that can blend in with the surrounding beach and landscape. Big windows and sliding doors are used to create seamless connection between the interior and exterior.

Hope that our design proposal would contribute fresh ideas in utilizing some potentials of the house. Thanks!

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