Dear client
Thank you for the amazing challenge. this is a virtual tour of your project.
I created 2 alternatives for your plan. The first one is based on your sketches that you draw for the layout. That the renders and the 3d plan is created based on that. In this layout you have your master room in the smaller room and you’re using the smaller bathroom for master. The laundry is designed in the sleeping area to make more satisfying for your comfort.
In the other alternative, I switched the guest/studio room with the master room as it was bigger and you have bigger laundry as well.
The day area is designed in a way to be inviting and by using your paintings, I tried to make the design more personal. I divided the entrance and the kitchen with a semi wooden wall and enlarged the kitchen be putting the divider in the middle. As you have a very narrow kitchen I created a moveable island to use it while you’re cooking. In the kitchen you also have a bar table to have your breakfast or a quick snack while sitting.
Hope you enjoy.

Contemporary Paris


Rimini, Province of Rimini, Italy