The planning is done keeping in mind the beautiful context. In-ground floor, living room, kitchen, dining space, and one bedroom with bathroom is proposed. With the staircase at the center of the house, it serves good for connectivity. The central space is the double-height which makes the chalet look grand. On upper floor, there are 2 bedrooms and one bathroom, and one studio space. The bathroom are proposed in such a manner that it can act as both private and can also be shared with outside on both the floors. Storage space can be inserted below the staircase. Fireplace can be kept between the sofa and staircase. Dining sits below the double-height space with a skylight. Corner windows are proposed for gathering a better view of the surrounding. One skylight is also proposed over bedroom 2 through which the night sky and stars can be looked at and enjoyed.
Inner dimensions-
Bedroom 1 and 2- 4.3mtx4.0 mts
Bedroom 3- 4.3 mt x 3.3 mts
Kitchen- 1.9mtx 3.3 mts
Bathrooms- 1.8 mt x 2.5 mts
Studio-1.8mt x 3.3 mts.

"celtic" Mountain Chalet


41022 Fiumalbo, Province of Modena, Italy