A design proposal for a family house in the outskirts of a Central European city. The design and general morphology of the house is organized through a characteristic ribbon folded so to serve the best orientation in terms of climate performance, noise disturbance and general privacy for the house.

Aiming to achieve a minimal contemporary feeling, the design proposes simple forms and raw materials. The materials of exterior walls organized within the folding ribbon are changing between cement plaster, natural stone and glass window. This way the facade system proposed and the analogies between the materials can be adjusted according to the final budget of the residence. The same facade materials are used to the main living areas, so to highlight continuity between the interior and the exterior part of the house.

The position of the house in the plot was determined so to achieve the best orientation, in terms of climate performance & noise disturbance. Moreover, we wanted to maintain as many of the existing trees as possible and cover the client's needs and requirements as described.

The main goal was to design a cozy, bright and inviting environment for a contemporary family. I hope you like it!

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