The idea of the project is to, following the client’s requirements, create a flexible space that also defines each of the spaces within the apartment.
The access to the property is through a courtyard that has got a planter with medium-high trees and plants to give more privacy and define the boundaries of the access space. In this same "strip" there is also an exterior dining table covered with a pergola and at the end there is a pantry to store goods, as proposed by the client.
Once in the apartment, each of the spaces is defined by the location of furnitures and height of ceilings, so that the book shelf at the entrance defines the access at the time that gives this space a use, also required by the basis of the competition. It also separates spatially from the kitchen and the bathroom avoiding direct visuals.
The living space is a generous and well proportioned area where there is a living area and a dining area that links the living with the kitchen.
The bathroom can be read within the service strip, along with the kitchen and the entrance, generating a clear uses diagram.
Regarding materials, as proposed, the flooring is a dark wood which contrast with the general white tone of the walls, doors and skirting boards. One of the walls is made of brick which also gives a particular look to the wall that holds the main living area tv-shelf furniture.