Dear client,
In order to make the understanding of the space better, I created panoramic views of the living room open space, master bedroom and the court yard. Here’s a virtual reality tour around the open space.

For open space:

For Master bedroom:

For court yard:

all the places are located based on your desired plan. However I did my best not to waste not even an inch of space and make it functional for your use.
I pushed the entrance to the corner to make space for living room and separate the areas. When you enter the house, there’s an entry closet in the entrance. The kitchen is big enough for all facilities you need such as integrated fridge-freezer, oven, microwave, stove and built in dishwasher. The kitchen is located next to the dining area. As you have an outdoor dining this dinning is smaller and the table can be folded for save the space.
There’s a corridor that leads you to the sleeping area. But first there is a guest bathroom near to the common area. This bathroom is located in the same place as the previous bathroom to cut down the cost it is just bigger than the previous one. The laundry closet is also in front this bathroom. The sleeping areas are more multi-functional with more closet area for each room. When you walk in to the master bedroom you have his and hers closet and there’s the master bathroom in front of closet area(just like hotel layouts as you desired.)
In the court yard you have everything that you need for a family to enjoy outdoor life. I created 2 types of seating area one for chilling and the other for more formal occasions. The barbecue and dining area are also close to the kitchen for easier access.
For the plants, I tried my best to choose the plants that can grow in shaded court yard. I also created edible gardens one of them close to the kitchen to be used for cooking one of the for plants that are grown in the soil on the other side of the court yard.
Hope you enjoy.