Dear client
Thank you for the amazing opportunity. Here’s a link below for a short animation of your project. Hope you enjoy.
As you see in plans and renders, the best orientation for the position of the building and the pool is in the south in order to get most of the sun.
The walls near the parking area are designed to create both privacy and shade for the pool area which will be great for both sun lovers and people who prefer to chill in shadow.
In area 2 the Turkish bath, Sauna and gym are located out of green zone. In area 2 all facades are turnable glass doors that open the space and create a full connection between the garden and the pool area.
The pool area is the size that you asked for and it’s in the green zone. The pool area also has a shallow pool for relaxing And a shower area next to it.
You also have an in ground seating area with a fireplace in the center. This area is situated by the pool and as it’s in the ground will protect you against the wind.
The pool deck is the most ideal area for chilling and hosting guests as one side of it is garden and the other side is pool.
This bioclimatic pergola is created right next to the family living and kitchen to let them use it regularly all year round. Under it there’s a small dining area which is close to both kitchen and a barbecue area.
Hope you enjoy.



09025 Sanluri, South Sardinia, Italy