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The layout concept of this design proposal is to have a flexible open space to maximize every square meter of the store premises, with customer area as the heart of the Capital Store, so the guests can have unblocked views to every corner of this one-stop service store. All closed working spaces (meeting rooms, private consultancy rooms for financial services, insurance & taxes, owner's & executive's work areas are relatively enclosed by glass walls and doors - could be clear or covered by stickers to enhance privacy, while the glass doors that can be regularly opened if no private discussion takes place). Casual refreshment / beverages area will serve customers but also works as staff's pantry as well. There is an extra small room for storage or extra filing cabinets if needed, which can be joined into credit & tax room of another executive / staff desk if more preferred. Desks and chairs in the consultation / staff rooms are movable so the layout is quite flexible. If an officer is having customer(s) or other staff(s) coming, he/she can simply turn his/her chair towards the circle pedestal table inside the cubical glass office room and have a small meeting with them there.
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