Dear client,
In order to design our proposal we have considered the following guidelines

Improved access to housing.
We sought to locate a mudroom that could be accessible both from the garage and the main hall. This allows the entrance hall to continue to function as a visitor entrance, with its coat storage closet, but at the same time it can be used as casual pedestrian access.

Improved circulation.
Currently the circulation system is not clear. The current location of the dining room forces you to go around the table to reach the kitchen, which is uncomfortable and does not allow the use of a large table, appropriate to the size of the house. We generated a ring circulation system, surrounding the main staircase. This ring circulation allows access to all the premises on the ground floor, optimizing the use of the built surface.

Improvement of sectorization
The first floor of the house presents a very clear sectorization. To the left the private area (familyroom, garage, mudroom) and to the right the public area (livingroom, dining room, study). Generating a central axis with the pedestrian entrance, the staircase and the kitchen, between both areas.

Symmetric enlargement.
The growth of the house is carried out in the area suggested by the client, reaching the line of the porch. This way, a symmetrical counter façade is generated Allowing to highlight the axis of the house.

Kitchen improvement.
We thought of a kitchen that could function as a bellows between the public and private areas, to equitably supply both of them. Considering that the house will be inhabited by a young family, we propose a flexible kitchen. It can be integrated with the dinning room, in case of diner parties where the hosts and guests participate in the culinary experience, and it can also be closed and stay hidden in case of catored events. This is possible through a system of sliding panels that allow to maintain a barrier to sight, sounds and odors. The panels can slide through a track system and have hinged doors at both ends. When not in use they can be kept inside the walls.

Master bedroom enlargement.
On the upper floor we looked for a way to expand the master bedroom without reducing the size of the rest of the bedrooms too much. Obtaining the necessary space to locate a comfortable walk in closet with a central bench and divided closets, and a full bathroom with double sink, bathtub and shower of generous dimensions.

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