The main idea behind the design of Cala Loca is embracing the surrounding, the rock cliff of Cala Loca’s site gives a very profound identity for the space.

The new Cala Loca will be a white, clean entity standing in the middle of grey, rocky setting. The color of white is chosen for four reasons:
1. It will give a contrast for the grey rocky setting of the area that will make Cala Loca stands out.
2. On the street level, the white color will give the visitors a feeling of being on a cruise ship overlooking the sea.
3. On the lower level (main dining area) because of the low ceiling height, the white color will create a spacious space.
4. In the interior, the white color will create frame, highlighting the natural grey rocks of the site.

The layout for the new Cala Loca is carefully arranged to give each seat the best view of the sea. Including lowering some part of the main dining floor to give a better view for the seats that are located deeper in the space.

To balance the white color to add more to the spaciousness, the furniture in the main dining area are picked with those that have light framing with blue being the dominant color to match the color of the sea.

A cocktail bar is added to the beach level to create a deeper context between the beach and the building, which also give more value to the visitor that come to Cala Loca.

The new Cala Loca will no longer disrupt the view to the sea, but instead the white color of Cala Loca will become the perfect frame to the blue color of the Ligurian Sea for the people passing on Lungomare Europa.

A wheelchair lift is provided at the front of the layout so that it could easily access all three of the level.

A video presentation of the new Cala Loca is available at .