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The idea of this design is to blend this double level restaurant/bar with the surrounding cove beach, at the same time bringing the scenery closer to the passeggiata europa level by creating a double height space at the restaurant area, so the roof line will not block the view from the passage way but create a distinctive frame that focuses on the beach as the main vista / orientation. If you see from the pedestrian promenade / passeggiata europa, the restaurant roof line would act as a 'painting frame' with the beach as the 'painting'.

This double height concept (approx. 6 m height) create more spacious space as well as a stronger connection between the upper level and lower level. The main concept is to make open spaces so people can feel the sea breezes and the warmth of the sun directly, but under certain circumstances (raining or windy days), there are bifold/sliding glass doors that enclose the whole building perimeter facing the beach.

At the upper area, the lounge and bar area has totally open concept, equipped with a few parasol canopies (on the entry ways, reception, and some seating area), enclosed glass roof(for the elevator), and extended wooden or concrete roof line to protect the permanent zones (toilets, bar storage/kitchen shaft/back offices, and other service/mechanical electrical area).
There is a fresh local product display next to formal restaurant seating and kitchen; while at the beach level below I create a wooden deck on the sandy soil for cozy lounge seating (please refer to plans and 3D renderings, the ones with boat-like sofas), where people can have dinner/lunch in a less formal / casual ambiance but can still have the advantage of the view and direct access to the beach.

Generally I use natural elements with white-blue accents (white, blue, grey / concrete/stone, wood, metal, and glass elements) to represent a more relax yet classy and modern, calm, and breezy beach ambiance.

Thanks for this competition and I hope you like the design. Please let me know if you have more questions or feedback regarding this. All the best with the project!

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