Dear client

I have focused my energy of plan therefore i have worked out three options 1,2,&3.Every option have at least Bedroom with kitchen (solutions with modular and can be separated with rest of living room) and wash room.

Highlights for each plan are as follows :-

OPTION 1:- Keeping the bathroom at the top ,give us the full length , therefore we can have tube and shower both.
Bedroom in middle.
Kitchen is connected to both bedroom and terrace.

OPTION 2:- kitchen at top but without wall between bedroom and kitchen , which will make the area look/feel more larger.

OPTION 3 :- option three is a mirror of option a on x -axis , this gives us the bathroom next store room , & door of bathroom is
place at the edge of the balcony/starting of the terrace . this gives us a foul noise and smell free environment in
terrace sitting.



P.S-:I have also attached the a 3d model(sketchup file) for understanding .