Dear client,
Thank you for the great opportunity. There’s a link below that you can have a virtual reality tour around the ground floor and first floor.
Here’s a description of my ideas for this design.
Ground floor
The ground floor is divided into 2 parts: the first is the guest welcoming area and the other is the breakfast area.
As you enter this area, a small lobby emerges which is ideal for the first impression. Then there’s a reception area which is created in a minimal design.
In the breakfast area, there’s a buffet and a seating area. The latter can seat up to 26 people. In order to have various types of seating, some of them are higher with the view of mountains. However you can increase the amount of seating up to 28 seat if you add 2 regular tables of instead of bar seating. Rather than that, outdoor furniture is also available for hosting more guests who enjoy eating or drinking outside.
First floor
All the rooms are accommodated with closet, a bathroom, and a minibar with a small fridge. This is designed in a way to be both functional and aesthetically beautiful. The color palette for the whole project is in warm tones to protect the guests from the cold weather of the mountains. ( natural wood theme)
All rooms have outdoor amenities. Some rooms have a Jacuzzi in the front yard with vegetation fences that create a privacy from the parking. Other rooms simply have a small pond with enough space for families with kids to have safe area to play.
The last suite room is designed in a way to place 2 people for staying the night. Sofa bed will be used for night and there’s also a moveable partition that will be closed for more privacy for nights. Rather than that there’s a small kitchenette (with a small fridge, stove, microwave, sink and probably a tea or coffee maker machine).
There’s also a dining area with an extendable table that can seat 4 to 6 people.
Hope you enjoy

B&b Trebbia


38057 Pergine Valsugana, Province of Trento, Italy