Dear Client ,
-The project concept mainly focused on how to get use of every possible space that we have, also how to meet the needs of our client and design the space to benefits from its function as a tourist space and also to achieve its needs without paying to much money in demolishing and construction walls and the plumbing system.
-So we tried to keep the old walls as we could and also tried to keep the old bath in its place and only built new small walls to separates the rooms and put the new bathrooms near to each other to not pay too much money in too much plumping.
-So we designed a three bedroom including one master bedroom and every room has its own bathroom including shower for every room, a kitchenette area that can be used for daily work, a dining space and also a common area that people can gather in inside the house.
-Every room has a double bed or two single beds, Air Conditioning system, TV and Electricity outlets.
-The outdoor area was divided into 3 main groups :
1-The entrance gateway with plants.
2-Outdoor seating area with wooden sofas and chairs.
3-Gazebo to get a more private space.
-We tried to benefits from the windows and only change the necessary ones, so we changed only two windows.
-For the outdoor lighting we depends on wall light system to get a cozy light feel, and with putting a green plants in front of the rooms windows to give the rooms more privacy and also to get a wonderful view for tourists to be an unforgettable experience.
Dear Client, Feel free to ask about any missing data or information.
Thank you.

B&b Loris


60019 Senigallia, Province of Ancona, Italy