The design intent is to propose a design with minimum cost of investment. The proposal is for three functional studio apartment, two guest rooms and a breakfast lounge. All rooms have its seperate toilet ,also wardrobe ,t.v console and reading desk. Custom units are proposed to provide ample and clean spaces.
Location for toilet is proposed considering discharge/drainage.
In bedroom 1 , a loft bed , work -desk , chair and custom unit for t.v with drawer units and wardrobe storage is proposed.
In bedroom 2 , layout is proposed for double bed and extra bed type requirement with custom unit with ample storage.
In bedroom 3, to give access to toilet ,load bearing wall is demolished for 700L x 2100H which can be supported by providing steel hooping.
In bedroom 4, fireplace has been retained to add extra value to the apartment . The drainage pipe in this apartment comes from the elevevated area in the adjacent room.
In bedroom 5, a space is elevated under which drainage pipes runs to bedroom 4.
The furniture selected is minimal /contemporary.