The idea follows owner's needs concerning maximum use of the floor plan in order to create as many as possible visitors' rooms. Meanwhile, we kept in mind the fact that the goal is to maintain the most wall partitions untouched so as to minimize construction costs. As a result, the horizontal zone looking towards Mamarmora road, remained the same and every single space, turned into guests' room, adjusted to b&b room's necessities. The two rooms that contain an armchair can easily accomodate an extra guest. The other horizontal zone looking towards Mare road needed to be remodelled. This choice let us create two rather small rooms but perfectly designed to accomodate the users.
Every room includes a private bathroom, a king size bed -except the two small rooms- and a basic custom made wooden piece of furniture that organizes the wardrobe, a small fridge, a mirror, a tv stand and a desk in one unit. Although, every room offers small kitchen facilities, we think that a common kitchen space is ideal, offering a bright, friendly, relaxing and cosy space.
The style should refer to the old elements of the interior and in gereral, of the building such as maintaining and using old brick walls and the type of the ceilings. The proposed materials are a grey shade carpet on rooms' floor that could combined with bright coloured rug, coloured, grey in base, tiles on bathrooms' floor and white or light wood furniture, while kitchen and hallway are prefered to be covered with geometric local coloured tiles. A decoration spot might be the hanging lights in order to create a rather playful interior, taking advantage of the height.
Concluding and refering to the necessary construction works, besides the plumbing and electrical ones, the new partitions and ceilings could be constructed of plasterboard.